Hi! Merry Christmas!

Personally, I'm not the best gift giver, and so therefor I decided (as a photographer) to write a blog post for other people like me. If you are someone who struggles to give gifts, and have a photographer friend that you need to buy for, you are on the right blog post!

This is (obviously) not just relevant to Christmas, it's just Christmas time when I’m writing this.

I know that everyone has different budgets, so I tried covering quite a wide range of prices and options to fit your budget, while still getting a good gift!

1- Memory card holder


As photographers, we own a lot of memory cards, and usually need to switch between them during sessions. Memory cards hold all of the precious photos that we take, the memories that we capture, therefor it is very important for them to have a safe home. Storing them in a safe place is super important! A memory card holder is something that can be inexpensive but very useful to gift to your photographer friend.

2- Waistbag


We carry A LOT of stuff with us at all times, and sometimes you wear something that doesn’t have pockets, and uugh, don't even get me started.

I've lost my phone at so many weddings because of this issue.

So, having something small, cute and aesthetic that is also practical around your waist, will go miles. These are very fashionable now so I believe you won't struggle to find one. Remember to get one that is in a colour or material that your photographer friend will like.

Here is a random one I found at Cotton On:

(would personally prefer a leather looking one, but get one that would fit your photographer friends' vibes)

3- White sneakers


We all wear white sneakers, or most of us at least. Problem is, they don't stay white very long. It doesn't matter where in this price range the shoe falls, depending on your budget and who you are buying for, you can find white sneakers almost anywhere for any price.

I'm not going to link anything for this section, there are just too many options.

4- Camera strap

R250 - R2800

Having a beautiful camera strap is the easiest way to make your camera look unique to you. Yet so many of us never replace our stock standard strap for something else. I use the dual camera strap from Brothers & Son (linked below) because I shoot with two cameras. A camera strap is not just aesthetic but also something practical. Find some options for beautiful straps in different shapes and sizes below!

Tap the images below to go to their website - I've bought from both of these companies and loved it! #supportlocal

5- Memory cards

R300 - R700

I don't have much to say other than: a photographer will never own enough memory cards. It's a fact. So getting your photographer friend a memory card as a gift will ALWAYS be a good idea.

Make sure to do your research in case their camera doesn’t use a standard memory card. And remember - more storage is always better

6- Film Camera


Okay hear me out. This can be disposable or non disposable. Ilford recently came out with a reusable point and shoot film camera that is soooo nice. All photographers might not like the point and shoot vibe of these types of cameras, but we loooove them. Because our job is taking photos, not having to think about camera settings for personal use - an absolute win.

Shooting film is a completely different experience to shooting digital so this can be a fun escape from your job while still practicing your love for photography!

Side note: You can also organise a voucher to get their film developed, especially if they are already into film photography.

7- Phone tripod


If your friend is a photographer, chances are they are also doing social media. They need to take photos with their phones, and having a tripod for that helps. so much!

Doing social media means that they need to film reels, or get some behind the scenes shots while working. Having something that can make this process easier will help them more than you will ever know.

8- Portable speaker


The JBL clip speaker to be specific. This is the best option because, it has a clip, so your photographer friend can link it to their belt or camera bag or wherever. Having a portable speaker while shooting is so nice because it sets the mood for the whole session, and being able to attach it to yourself somewhere makes it so much easier to work with while being focussed on the job.

(It also comes in multiple different colours!)

9- Instax printer


Printing your work is probably the most important, yet most underrated thing. It just tends to be so much effort. Hence the Instax printer, it connects to your phone with an app, and is just suuuuper easy to use. Your friend can use it to print their own personal photos, photos of clients, anything you want. We have (and love) the wide one but you also get the smaller printer.

Cute add one idea: buy a box of film to add to the gift so they can start using it right away!

10- Fujifilm X100V

R20 000

This one is the most expensive item on the list, but hey, covering all budgets over here. This camera is insane, honestly everyone should actually own one. If you are buying your photographer friend a camera, this is the one! Its perfect for a second professional camera or to use as a personal camera, its small and easy to work with.

Thanx for reading! I really hope this helps and that you end up giving your photographer friend the best gift ever!

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