You booked your engagement or couple shoot, but now the big question comes; what to wear!

If you are anything like me, you might be sitting on the edge of your bed right now, feeling like you have absolutely nothing to wear, half an hour before you have to leave for the shoot.

Let's hope that's not the case and you still have plenty of time.

If not, I'm still here to help!

Before you throw every piece of clothing you and your partner own on the floor, read these easy tips to figure out what to wear.

Rule nr 1

Be comfy!

As you read through the rest of this blog, keep in mind that you need to be comfortable. Don't wear something that feels like it doesn’t fit right, or it scratches. Just be comfortable!

Tip nr 2

See how the first one is a rule and this one is only a tip? That’s because nr 1 is really just that important, and the rest are all just guidelines!

Match, don't snap!

Heres what I mean by this:

Wear colors that work well together, but don’t wear the exact same outfit.

For example; you can wear a cream colored dress and your partner can wear a cream colored shirt with a jean. But both of you shouldn’t wear cream colored shirts with jeans. Make sense? Because in this case, twinning is not winning!

Snapping (twinning)

Matching (winning)

Tip nr 3

Color code.

Pick a rough color scheme to stick to.

For example; neutral earthy tones (browns, greys and whites) or bold primary colors (red and blue). This way both you and your partner can dress in your own style, but you still look coordinated!

If you wear a dress with yellow flowers on, your partner can wear something that also has warm colors (red, orange or yellow).

Tip nr 4

Formal check!

Decide on how formal or casual you are going. If you decide you want to wear heels and a formal evening gown, but your partner wants to pitch up in a short and a t-shirt, you guys are going to look like you come from different planets!

It doesn’t matter what you decide, just decide on the same vibe.

Mini tip: Keep the location that you are shooting at in mind when making this decision. The location can give a more formal or more casual atmosphere. Ask your photographer about this if you are unsure!

Tip nr 5


If you can, try to wear something that you can remove or add to make two or even three different outfits. This can be as easy as adding a jacket or a cute hat!

By doing this you can easily get different looks throughout the shoot.

For the men: try wearing a plain grey or white shirt with a collard shirt or flannel over top, that way you can unbutton the shirt for a second look, and completely remove the collard shirt for a third look!

You can also do this by changing your hair, start off with a ponytail or a nice messy bun, remove the hair tie to reveal a flowy loose hairstyle!

Pro tip: a claw clip can work wonders in this case!

Make sure this is something that can be easily added and removed, because you don't want to take too much time with a wardrobe change.

Tip nr 6

Don't be an ad.

AKA; don't wear a shirt with massive branding or printing on.

I'm not talking about a dress with flowers on or a shirt with a tiny little logo. I'm talking big ass branding. Like with a massive nike sign on the front or with a quote or something. Just don't do it.

It distracts the eye from your face, which lets be honest, you are the most important part of this shoot!

Tip nr 7

Don't flash your photographer.

This links to the first rule, but in this case it can also be a privacy issue. Some photographers (including myself) might ask you to do a twirl or a pick up or even a little run. If you are planning on wearing a short dress, it might show your photographer more than they would like to see... if you know what i mean...

I'm not saying don’t wear a short dress, I'm just saying if you do, wear appropriate underwear or just something to cover up the important bits.

*all above photos taken but That Other Couple Photo + Film

That's all the tips I have for you today.

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(photos not taken by me)

Thank you for reading, I hope it helped. Remember to share with a friend, maybe one day they don't have to stress so much about their outfits!

Now go post your OOTD on Instagram and enjoy the shoot!

Special thanx to my hubby for giving his best efforts at being my model.