gerund or present participle: eloping

"run away secretly in order to get married"

Elopement used to mean that a couple would run away to secretly get married without parental consent. Obviously, we live in the 21st century and this is (hopefully) not why you want to elope.

The point of eloping is to have an intimate ceremony consisting of either only the couple or close family and friends. So essentially it can mean getting married at a courthouse or even just having a smaller wedding (think 20 guests or less).

But the specific type of elopement that we are referring to in this blog is a location elopement. Meaning that you hike up a mountain or have a super intimate setting at a one-of-a-kind venue or go somewhere other than the standard venue for you and your future spouse to get married at.

So why should you elope?


First of all, it is a lot more intimate than your standard wedding. Even if you invite a couple of family members or a few friends, it should still be pretty intimate.

Although there are no rules regarding how to do an elopement, the idea is that the only people present would be your team (photographer, videographer, officiant, etc.) and the couple. This is the moment to be with your partner in a location that has significant meaning for you or that you’ve always wanted to go to. Whatever the case may be, you have the opportunity to create really amazing, unique memories. There is also a lot more freedom regarding the start of your marriage, bringing it back to what actually matters – the two of you.

Obviously, weddings are great and awesome – we love weddings, that’s why we became wedding photographers but there truly is something special about just the couple vowing their lives to one another in a significant spot.


Financially, there are also a lot of benefits to eloping. You can be a lot more intentional with spending your money. If you have a certain budget for your wedding and you choose to do a location elopement, you can use your money much more effectively and invest in things you wouldn’t normally be able to.

By no means are we saying that eloping is cheaper than having a traditional wedding, but there is a lot more that you can do for just the two of you if you elope. Your ‘wedding’ can also roll right into your honeymoon.

Think eloping in Italy and taking an afternoon stroll past the Colosseum.

Or you can take a helicopter ride of the Drakensberg for R8000. Normally, this would be hella expensive, but imagine you elope, and the helicopter ride is your reception? That is a lot cheaper than a venue and way more intentional fun for the two of you. But again, to each their own. If you want to have a massive jol with your friends as your reception because that’s more your vibe, then we’ll be there with our cameras and flash to capture those insane dance moves!


There is also a lot less ‘faff’ with intimate location weddings (read elopements).

You don’t have to worry about all the little things that go along with planning a traditional wedding like the guest list or seating chart (which are both a nightmare, IYKYK).

If you have an intimate wedding where you do invite your closest family or friends, it is still much easier to tell your aunties third cousin on their great-grandfather’s side that you’re only inviting parents, siblings, and grandparents. Drama is also tossed out the backdoor because you don’t have to worry about who is fighting or not getting along lekker in the extended family that day and so much more. You know? There really is no better way to describe it than you have to deal with a lot less faffing!

The faffing that you DO have to deal with when you elope is more centred around yourself. For example, how you are getting up a mountain with your wedding dress...

So, consider eloping. It is a lot of fun and is slowly becoming increasingly popular amongst this generation - 90% of millennials consider eloping and only 25% actually do elope. If the list of benefits sound appealing to you, then you’d probably love eloping. We’d totally recommend it and would love to share and capture your special day.

Thank you for reading!

I hope reading this blog post convinced you to elope. If you have any elopement related questions, feel free to send us a DM on Instagram, we would love to help you brainstorm! Remember to share this with someone who should SERIOUSLY consider eloping.

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