"Your memories mean everything to us, let us capture them in a way thats worth remembering"



We had this constant need to shoot more photos.

When we started dating in 2017, we both realised what a major passion we have for photography and we just kept at it.

We developed this deeper love for finding true love in other people and the best we could do for them was to capture it in a way that will never let them forget.

we promised ourselves to give people the best experience that we can and make that our biggest goal

we are not interested in capturing this fake, posed version of who you are. ANYONE CAN DO THAT!

We are here for the

full belly laughter,

the crazy love,

the singing and dancing,

the running in the rain

and for you to be


Cam "the man"

Cameron is our Videographer, second Photographer and main video editor.

He loves crazy adventures and making memories, he is just a bit more eager than Sally to get up early. He is an outdoorsman who loves to hunt, fish and spend time in the bush.

Cam spends a lot of time reading and researching the most random things.

"Silly" Sally

Sally is our team’s main Photographer, second Videographer and main photo editor.

She also loves crazy adventures, making memories and laughing out loud... literally. Sally’s favourite series is by far Friends and she is always making references to one of the episodes.

Sally loves losing herself in a well written book and will often spend hours on her creative projects.