Planning a wedding is like embarking on a thrilling adventure with unexpected twists and turns, and one aspect that often stirs up both excitement and anxiety is selecting the wedding party. As someone who's ventured through the maze of wedding preparations, I've gathered some insights and anecdotes to share. So, grab a cup of tea or your beverage of choice, and let's dive into the world of wedding party dynamics!

Choosing Your Squad

Selecting your wedding party can feel like assembling the Avengers—except with less spandex and more sequins.

Our approach? We opted for a motley crew representing different chapters of our lives.

Siblings, childhood friends, college buddies—you name it.

But, instead of relying solely on friendship, I would recommend to make a list of potential candidates and weighed your bond against the skills they could bring to the table. From organisational wizards to makeup maestros, each member can bring something unique to the mix.

Example: Make a list of potential candidates for your wedding party and assess both your friendship level and the skills they possess that could contribute to your wedding day.

Size Matters: To Squad or Not to Squad?

Ah, the eternal dilemma: do you go for a sprawling squad or keep it intimate?

Cam and I aimed for a grand ensemble because, let's face it, those group photos are Instagram gold. However, lately, I feel like if you do something at your wedding just for a photo, or just because it will make a good photo, the intentions aren't right.

We soon realised that more isn't always merrier. Sometimes, a smaller crew or even no wedding party at all can save you from a wedding party-induced headache.

Quality over quantity, my fams!

The Maid of Honor Dilemma: Breaking the Hierarchy

The maid of honor or the best man—a title fraught with expectations and potential drama.

I decided to skip this tradition to avoid playing favorites among my friends. However, this decision came with its own set of challenges. Without a designated leader, tasks tended to fall through the cracks.

Lesson learned: delegate, delegate, delegate! Assigning specific roles to ensure everyone contributes without stepping on toes reaaallly helps.

Example: Assign tasks to each member of the wedding party, such as forming a "Kitchen Tea Planning Committee" or designating a "Keep the Bride Fed on the Wedding Day Bridesmaid."

Bonding Time: Making Memories Before the Big Day

Picture this: a group of relative strangers thrown together on the biggest day of your life. Cue the awkward silences and forced smiles.

To avoid this scenario, I highly recommend arranging a pre-wedding get-together.

Whether it's a casual coffee date or a weekend escape, creating bonds and memories among your wedding party can work wonders. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

Example: Host a lekker braai where everyone can share stories and get to know each other better before the big day.

Planning a wedding is a whirlwind experience filled with laughter, tears, and maybe a few tantrums (we won't judge). When it comes to your wedding party, remember that there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you opt for a traditional lineup, a smaller crew, or none at all, the key is to prioritize genuine connections and open communication. So, take a deep breath, embrace the journey, and trust that everything will fall into place—even if you decide to skip the wedding party shenanigans altogether. After all, it's all part of the adventure!

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