Meet the team

This is why we do it:

When we started dating in 2017, we realised that we both have a profound passion for photography and we just kept at it.

We developed a deeper passion for finding true love in other people and the best we could do for them was to capture it in a way that will never let them forget.

We made a promise to ourselves to give people the best experience we possibly can and make that our biggest goal. 

We are not interested in capturing the posed version of you. 

We are interested in the real you - the raw love and genuine emotions.

A short story about that other dope couple

Sally + Cam

One day during their first year, Cameron went to Sally and said: 

“It sucks to be poor”.

Sally agreed, that yes it does indeed suck, and suggested that they get jobs, “waitering or something.”

Cam thought that was a downright shit idea because he doesn’t like waitering or something. “Why don’t we just get a job that we actually like?”

Sally wasn’t convinced, “Like what?”

And that’s when Cam decided that they should start taking photos together. “We both have a love for photography, so why not?”

“Because everyone who has a camera thinks that they are a photographer, and I don’t want to be that person” was Sally’s reaction.

Cam ended up convincing Sally by saying, “What’s the worst that can happen? If it works, great, if it doesn’t, that’s also fine.”

And the rest is history. It's now 6 years later, and Sally & Cam are the happiest humans alive all because they accidentally stumbled across their dream jobs, their passion and their purpose.


Cameron is our Videographer, second Photographer and main video editor.

He loves crazy adventures and making memories - he’s just a bit more eager than Sally to get up early. He is an outdoorsman who loves to hunt, fish and spend time in the bush. Cam enjoys a good book and is quite the researching-of-random-things enthusiast.


Sally is our team’s main Photographer, second Videographer and main photo editor.

She also loves crazy adventures, making memories and laughing out loud... literally. Sally’s favourite series by far is Friends and you’ll always find her making references to one of the episodes.

Sally loves losing herself in a well-written book and will often spend hours on her creative projects.

All about our CEO

cute executive officer

That would be Riley.

He is our Beagle, and he has many responsibilities in this company.

He is in charge of making sure we don't work too late, because he will make sure we take him for a walk every possible day during sunset.

He is in charge of employee positivity and well being, he does this by being cute and taking naps in the office.

Occasionally he will jump on our laps and cuddle with us during long editing sessions.

Riley makes us smile every day like nothing else could.