Most of us are used to attending weddings on a Saturday. It makes the most sense for family and friends that travel from far and ensures that your guests can recover from their hangover before going to work on a Monday.

In recent years, however, it has become increasingly popular to have weddings on literally any day of the week for a variety of reasons. One day that many people are unlikely to choose for a wedding is a Sunday.

And we think Sunday weddings are the shit and here’s why!

Super chill vibes

If you’re the type of couple who loves to cuddle on the couch, spend a lazy afternoon in sweatpants drinking wine or coffee, reading or just having a chat with friends and family in the garden…you’re likely going to love (attending or having) a Sunday wedding.

Most of these weddings are very relaxed and there is little rush to stick to a timeline. 

As a bride of a Sunday wedding later said to me, “It felt like I could actually talk with all the people we invited to the wedding. We could catch up with people we had not seen in a long time and I could soak up every moment of my wedding day. It was also easier to have private, slow moments with my husband and we both remember so much of the day.”

If you want a more intimate (regardless of the number of people you invite), less hurried wedding day that is really focused on spending individual time with friends and family, then a Sunday wedding might be an option for you. 

Comfortable with the untraditional 

Right off the bat, a Sunday wedding is already untraditional. In our experience, guests are more comfortable with couples that choose not to follow certain traditions or who throw all societal expectations out the window.

For example, you could get away with having a shorter ceremony or skip having a bridal party entirely. Because a Sunday wedding is also more intimate, your guests will also probably enjoy the little things that you painstakingly planned that usually gets lost in the chaos of the day. 

Getting away with starting earlier

Most weddings start in the late afternoon, catching golden hour for the couple shoot and partying into the cool midnight air.

But Sunday weddings have the excuse that many of your guests probably have to go to work the next day and so most of these weddings start in the mid-morning (around 10am/11am). This does not take away from the amount of time you can spend with your guests on your wedding day, but it does prompt one to spend the time more intentionally.

There are two big benefits to having your wedding start earlier and end earlier. The first is that you can likely take your couple photos at golden hour after all of your guests have left. One bride and groom said, “It truly was amazing to end off our wedding day taking our time with the couple photos and not have expectant guests to return to. It felt more natural and easier for our personalities.”

The second benefit is that you can go on your honeymoon much quicker and most of the time you can leave while there is still daylight. Many couples even drive to their next destination in their wedding clothes which solicits a lot of congratulatory wishes along the way!

Venue and vendor availability

With most weddings probably taking place on a Friday or Saturday there is an increased chance that you could book the venue of your dreams in the month that fits you if you are open for a Sunday wedding. The venue might also offer a discounted rate! 

Also, if there are certain vendors that suit your vibe but they are not available on the other days of the weekend, they might be available on the Sunday! Choosing the people that help on the wedding day that you connect with is crucial to a stress-free day and having a 'lekker' time! 

The day of the week that you choose to get married on can really set the mood for your wedding. At the end of the day, it’s all about your style, intentions and having a day that exudes your energy as a couple.

So whatever day of the week you feel will do that for you, don’t be afraid to do it – even if it is untraditional to have your wedding on a Sunday, it might just turn out to be the sh*t!